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Are we doing enough to monetise digital platforms?? 150 songs! 10 hrs. of NON STOP Music! Includes the HIT songs 'Ayka Dajiba' from SAGARIKA Music & the latest STRINGS Album - Koi Aanay Wala Hai from SONY BMG Exclusive with PENTAGRAM

Exclusive Interview - Soumitra Maitra

Chart Topping Artist - Shahin Badar
In Conversation with Patrick Lee
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Exclusive Interview

Ashutosh Pathak, Co-Founder & Director, BLUEFROG

...We are five promoters. Simran Mulchandani an ex banker and an ex hedge fund head honcho, Mahesh Mathai a film maker popularly known for directing Bhopal Express, Srila Chatterjee a film producer, Dhruv and me. Dhruv and myself are musicians....Our programming team initially used to scouts for bands all over the world. But you are right, now we get just tons of bands and artists from all corners of the earth to perform at the club...We have a gate at the entrance of the club which clearly states that out of the cover charge paid up by each one who walks into the club, Rs.300(USD60) of the cover charge is paid to see an act...If BLUEFROG becomes another Bollywood label it will be a big disappointment for a lot of artists in India. We will hold our horses until tons of our small artists become huge...BLUEFROG will expand from the 300 people shows to shows that will cater to thousands of people across the country. We have developed a concept called LEAPFROG which is essentially tying up with lots of clubs across the country. We will then push our artists into this circuit....Today if I want to go for a movie. The next thing I do is, head to a multiplex end up spending on the theater and shopping a whole load of other things too. Similiarly, if I want to go and hear a band why won’t I spend the same amount... ..Read more

PENTAGRAM - A Special Focus

...With the intention of making original music, we had the drive to change the music scene in India...There were a lot of bands making covers of only heavy metal & classic rock. We wanted to make original music that would stand out as Bombay’s original rock music....I know it is very cheesy but I would say life in general has been my inspiration. I have been very fortunate enough to know, that it’s important to be inspired by people, inspired by surroundings, and not just music & other artists....we have always had our own label. We have only licensed our content it to the major labels so they can distribute it for us all over the country. We have always kept our own rights. There is no upfront amount that is actually paid to us because we wanted to keep our rights....We don’t have too many concerts here in India. So the audiences aren’t the best of audiences. They don’t know how to be a good audience... ...Read On

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In Conversation with...

Vijay Nair, Founder-Director, OML

..When you are 17, you don’t need money. It’s all about the passion. It was just a hobby and I never looked upon it to be my career. We had no capital and we didn’t need any capital..We haven’t worked like in a typical company structure. Since there is no involvement from a third party we can do what we want. When we employ, we don’t see the resume. All that we figure out about the candidates is what music they listen to & how important music is to them. We prefer working with younger people, most of our team is less then 25yrs old....We have never been in the album selling business. For us the label and the albums produced are like marketing tools. We are in the forefront of pirating our own content....when more people listen to your music, the more people want to listen to you LIVE. So you don’t look at Rs. 200/- per album per fan as a revenue. You look at Rs.1000/- per fan per ticket as an overall revenue. That’s the way to crack the market at least now....If you can pull off a 100% original show, then we would work with you. Secondly, we make sure we go and hear them LIVE a couple of times before we sign them because most of our revenue comes from LIVE shows....We won’t invest in press ads and hoardings. It’s been proved over time, that these things don’t really work. Music videos don’t work anymore. Today no channel plays music videos as it’s all about reality TV now.
OML tries to get its bands as many gigs as possible in music stores, college festivals, folk festivals, etc just to make sure that, there is a buzz. Read On

Gulshan Bawra- A Tribute

Veteran lyricist Gulshan Bawra, best known for penning songs such as 'Mere Desh Ki Dharti' (Upkaar), 'Yaari Hai Imaan' (Zanjeer) etc, passed away at his residence in the morning on Friday, Aug 7th 2009. He was 72 years old and died because of a heart attack. Gulshan Bawra, was born on 12th April in Sheikhpur in Pakistan. He had come to Mumbai to be a clerk but destiny had different plans for him. Originally known as Gulshan Mehta till he was rechristened Gulshan Bawra by a prominent distributor, this veteran lyricist came to India from Pakistan during the partition days. His passion for poetry and simple lyrics helped many filmmakers illustrate their vision in a couple of minutes. He struggled to get a film break, and it was Kalyanji of the famous Kalyanji-Anandji composer duo who gave him his first break in 'Chandrasena' with the song “Main kya jaanu kahan laage yeh saawan matwala re” sung by Lata Mangeshkar....Read On


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